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John of Biclaro

lived 540 - 621

John of Biclaro, also known as Iohannes Biclarensis (d. 621) was a Visigothic chronicler from Lusitania, in modern Portugal. Educated in Constantinople, John learned Latin, Greek, and theology. Upon his return to Iberia, King Leovigild banished John for refusing to join the Arian Iberian church. John founded a Benedictine monastery at Biclaro after Leovigild died in 586, became Bishop of Gerona, and was active in many synods. His most famous work is his Chronicle (Chronicon continuans Victorem Tunnunensem), which recounts events through 590 and is a continuation of Victor of Tunnuna’s chronicle, which ended in 567. The chronicle is the best surviving source for Visigothic history and for topics like Leovigild’s reign and the tensions between Iberian Arians and Catholics.

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