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Aungier, George James, ed., Croniques de London, depuis l'an 44 Hen. III. Jusqu' a l'an 17 Edw. III. Edited from a MS. In the Cottonian Library (London: John Bowyer Nichols and Son (Camden Society, no. 28)) Read this source online

Text name(s): 

Number of pages of primary source text: 94


    Dates: 1260 - 1344

    Archival Reference: BL Cotton, Cleopatra, A. VI

    Original Language(s): 

    • Anglo-Norman


    • Original language included.

    Translation Comments: 

    Geopolitical Region(s): 

    • England

    County/Region: London

    Record Types: 

    • Chronicle, Annals

    Subject Headings: 

    • Economy - Crafts and Industry
    • Economy - Guilds and Labor
    • Economy - Trade
    • Nobility / Gentry
    • Royalty / Monarchs
    • Towns / Cities
    • War - Military History
    • Government


    • Index
    • Appendix
    • Introduction


    This chronicle of London was compiled in Anglo-Norman French in the middle of the fourteenth century. Like most city chronicles this text records the names of the mayors and sheriffs of London, describes the events transpiring in that city and notes events of national importance.

    Introduction Summary: 

    The introduction (pp. i-xxi) describes the manuscript edited in this volume, lists other manuscripts that the editor has consulted and gives some context about the historical period to which this text refers.

    Cataloger: SES