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Driscoll, Michael S., ed., "Ad Pueros Sancti Martini: A Critical Edition, English Translation, and Study of the Manuscript Transmission" (Traditio 53, p. 37-62)

Text name(s): Ad Pueros Sancti Martini; Letter to the Boys of St. Martin of Tours

Number of pages of primary source text: 7


Dates: 796 - 798

Archival Reference: Vat. Reg. lat. 272; Harley 208; Vat. Reg. lat. 69; Palat. Vindobon. 458; Fac. Méd. 404; St. Gall 267; Monacensis 14447; Paris BN lat. 2847; Eborediensis 30; Cologne Cath. 106

Original Language(s): 

  • Latin


  • Translated into English.
  • Original language included.

Translation Comments: facing-page

Geopolitical Region(s): 

  • France


Record Types: 

  • Letter
  • Theology - Practical

Subject Headings: 

  • Carolingians
  • Family / Children
  • Philosophy / Theology
  • Piety


  • Facsimile
  • Introduction


This is a letter from Alcuin of York to the boys of St. Martin, stressing confession and penance as central factors in their spiritual well-being.

Introduction Summary: 

The introduction (p. 37-47) goes into Alcuin’s reasons for writing this letter and the epistolary genre as a whole. Driscoll then discusses the various manuscripts of the text and evaluates them with respect to his project, which is to compile a critical edition. He then devises a model of manuscript transmission based on the differences in the text.

Cataloger: KC