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Perrin, Michel, ed., Rabani Mauri In honorem sanctae crucis (Corpus Christianorum. Continuatio Mediaevalis, vol 100. Turnhout: Brepols.)

Text name(s): In honorem sanctae crucis; In laudem sanctae crucis; In Honor of the Holy Cross; In Praise of the Holy Cross

Number of pages of primary source text: 342


Dates: 810 - 856

Archival Reference: 

Original Language(s): 

  • Latin


  • Original language included.

Translation Comments: 

Geopolitical Region(s): 

  • Europe
  • France
  • Germany

County/Region: Fulda; Tours; Mainz

Record Types: 

  • Literature - Verse
  • Theology - Devotional

Subject Headings: 

  • Literature - Devotional
  • Theology - Christology
  • Piety


  • Introduction


This extraordinary collection of poems not only meditates on the cross in words, but also in images: in the original manuscript, the letters are arranged to form images of the cross. This particular edition faithfully reproduces the poems in the same colors as the original Fulda manuscript and offers sketches which supplement the poem’s shape to help visualize the original figure of the poem. Also, Perrin publishes Hrabanus’s retranscription of each poem on the facing page to give the readers a sense of how Hrabanus reconfigured his work over his lifetime. These poems were widely popular and survive in over 80 manuscripts. Researchers interested not only in studying 9th century devotional writings, but also how the form and shape of the writings can augment their devotional purpose will find this volume an excellent source, as long as the required Latin reading skills are possessed.

Introduction Summary: 

The introduction discusses the author, the edition, the surviving manuscripts, and the influence the poem had on future writers.

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