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Johnson, C., ed., "An Early Admiralty Case (A.D. 1361)" ( Camden Miscellany 15, 3rd series, no. 41. London: Offices of the Royal Historical Society, pp. 1-5)

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    Dates: 1361 - 1361

    Archival Reference: PRO, Chancery Miscellanea, Bundle 6, No. 9.m.1

    Original Language(s): 

    • Anglo-Norman


    • Original language included.

    Translation Comments: 

    Geopolitical Region(s): 

    • England
    • Flanders
    • France

    County/Region: Dartmouth

    Record Types: 

    • Court Roll
    • Petition

    Subject Headings: 

    • Diplomacy
    • Economy - Trade
    • Law - Crime
    • Law - Secular
    • Maritime


    • Introduction


    This text records an Admiralty case dated July 26, 1361 in which two men seek damages for their ship and cargo after it was captured while sailing to Flanders. The defendant argues that the capture was an act of war and that if there were a truce in place, he was not aware of it. The defendant was fined 1,000 marks and confined to the custody of a marshal. The case is thought interesting because it makes a clear distinction between the powers of Admiralty and those of the Common Law Courts.

    Introduction Summary: 

    In the introductory remarks, Johnson describes the text and its case, explaining that it is earlier than the pleas published in Marsden’s volume (see alternate OMSB entry for Select Pleas in the Court of Admiralty) but was overlooked in that edition.

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