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Chrimes, S. B., ed. and Brown, A. L., ed., Select Documents of English Constitutional History (London: A & C Black)

Text name(s): 

Number of pages of primary source text: 385


    Dates: 1307 - 1485

    Archival Reference: 

    Original Language(s): 

    • Anglo-Norman
    • English - Middle English
    • Latin


    • Original language included.

    Translation Comments: 

    Geopolitical Region(s): 

    • England


    Record Types: 

    • Charters, Deeds
    • Court Roll
    • Law - Legislation
    • Chronicle, Annals
    • Petition
    • Councils - Secular
    • Letter
    • Formulary

    Subject Headings: 

    • Government
    • Law - Secular
    • Royalty / Monarchs
    • Law - Crime
    • Political Thought
    • Nobility / Gentry
    • Peasants
    • Towns / Cities


    • Index
    • Introduction


    This volume includes documents, printed in chronological order, illustrating the transformation of English governance from medieval to parliamentary monarchy during the period spanning the reigns of Edward II to Richard III. Documents printed in entirety appear in their original language, others are summarized. Meant to be a representative collection of source materials for teachers and students of constitutional history, the volume is very selective in the documents included, but provides very little in the way of commentary or interpretation.

    Introduction Summary: 

    In their very brief preface (1 page), the editors express their intent to print documents of major constitutional importance as well as those illustrating the best-known constitutional events.

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