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Cremascoli, Giuseppe, ed., Uguccione da Pisa: De Dubio Accentu (Spoleto: Centro Italiano di Studi Sull Alto Medioevo [ Biblioteca degli Studi Medievali X] (pp. 65-89))

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Huguccio da Pisa etc. Contained in this volume is an edition of Huguccio’s De Dubio Accentu, a work on grammar – how to determine the placement of accents in words.

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The editor’s lengthy (52 pp) Italian introduction discusses the date of composition of the work, as well as its structure, noting its place within other medieval works on grammar. The editor provides a thorough discussion of the manuscripts in which the text survives, and upon which this edition is based. He also consider’s Uguccio’s sources, in particular his reliance upon the grammar of Priscian.

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